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White Sage smudge stick, MEDIUM. Purify the energy in your home and your surroundings. Burning white sage is an ancient spiritual ritual that can help you to achieve a healing state and repel negative energy creating a more positive environment.Having a smudging ritual is like having a spiritual shower, washing all the negative energy away. It can be used for welcoming new beginnings or cleansing the body, home or work place.Sizes may vary*

Open a door and windows to allow the negative energies to be carried away on the smoke. 
Light you smudge stick safely- if you have one with a Crystal and some dried flowers you can remove these before lighting your sage on fire.
Move mindfully and with intention- you can say out loud or in your head “I cleanse this space of all negative energies, only Love and Peace remain”. You can also say something else that resonates more with you.
HOME- start at the front door of the home and begin to move through the rooms, allowing the smoke to flow into the corners and over all areas of the room. Be sure to allow the smoke to drift into even the hidden spaces like inside cupboards and draws, inside wardrobes and closets. 
You can use a feather to push the smoke around into the spaces or you can just hold your smudge stick and waft the smoke into the areas. 
BODY- again make sure there is an open window or door nearby when cleansing the body. Allow the smoke to flow over the entire body and then focus on lymph node areas eg: armpits, groin, behind the knees. Say the intention out loud or in your head.
*note* sometimes you need to relight your sage. Just use a lighter or the stove top to do this. Allow the stick to catch fire, leave for 10 seconds and then blow out so it starts to smoke.
*be safe and carry a heat proof dish, tray or vessel eg: ceramic, stone in case you need to pop your sage stick down and to catch any ash that may fall. 
*to put your sage stick out, run some cold water over the burning end and let it dry out before using it again. Once you use the last bottom part of the sage smudge stick you can bury what’s left in the ground outside and send it to Mother Earth for alchemising into love.

White Sage Smudge Stick 5"

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